Breakfast Club E-Juice was founded with the effort to fill the market void for delicious, smooth and high-quality breakfast cereal-themed E-Liquid. Our flavors are meant to bring to vapor the sensation of a delicious bowl of semi-crunchy cereal, flavored specifically to replicate all of your childhood favorites. 

We believe that by continuing to fill the market with our four staple juices, we can contribute to the fantastic growth of the Vaping Community; and that by creating such incredibly flavorful juices, we can help more and more people quit the habit of smoking cigarettes and switch to a healthier, more public-friendly lifestyle choice. 

Our goal as an organization is to bring the highest quality product to the consumer, and provide the world with vape-worthy incarnations of all of the best flavors breakfast has to offer. 

Available in 0, 3 & 6 mg in 30 mL bottles.